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The Art of Driving Organic Search Engine Traffic

Search Engine Submission   -   The art of maintaining traffic.....

Not all websites require deep search engine registration. Local engines only may be used for restricted regional site publication while other sites may be available only to authorised customers with password access. But most sites require a deep registration on both the international and local search engines. This is one of the most critical tasks to get right and it is dependent on both design considerations and a comprehensive, ongoing "check and submission" programme. Feedback from the analysis of server logs identifies which search engines are underperforming and indicates where resubmissions are required. An effective web design service should be able to completely manage the registration process and be able to report on the site's traffic statistics from the search engines. An example of these statistics can be sampled by clicking here.

Your webdesign/hosting service should be able to guarantee you premium search engine positions for your optimised keywords. If they don't, then you need to be asking why. Can they deliver on this most critical aspect?


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