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South African
Standard Time

    measuring line speed internet connectivity

Testing & Measuring Your True Broadband Connection Speeds

To benchmark your line speed you can use the following websites. Some will provide upload as well as download tests and this information is useful to technical support staff in determining what end user speeds are being observed.

The table at page bottom can be used after printing to record your results.

SAIX (Telkoms) GAMES SERVER: games.saix.net

NEOTEL'S SPEED TESTER: speedtest.neotel.co.za

SPEEDTEST.NET (International): speedtest.net
Do Johannesburg first, then drag the map to pan to Europe and pick a server in the UK for a measure of international bandwidth.

  Download Upload
    SPEEDTEST.NET Joburg    
    SPEEDTEST.NET London    
    SPEEDTEST.NET New York    

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