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Looking for an Internet Partner to Build a Website?

ClipX Utilities Excellent links to great Win utilities
cnet download.com CNet's software distribution site.
Cnet shareware.com A huge shareware repository with over 30 000 programs.
Freebie Links Every sort of free web service.
Freeware pro Freeware software library.
Freeware Web Good archives and links to Free Services.
Galt Shareware Zone Selected quality shareware - well focussed & organised.
Happy Puppy Games Yeah, it does sound corny but don't pass it by.
Jumbo Software Over 60 000 programs - very well indexed and archived.
NoNags Software Freeware/Shareware without crippling, disabling, nags or time limits.
PC World's Downloads Tonnes of stuff!
Stroud's CWSApps The Original Internet Software Resource
Yahoo's Shareware Index Some unique titles - take note of the category names.
ZDNet Downloads Allsorts of useful downloads.

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